NC parents speak about child severely injured by foul ball at baseball game

James David in the hospital after he was struck by a ball at a Charlotte Knights game. (Photo courtesy family)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A 6-year-old boy is in the hospital in Charlotte after his family says he was injured by a ball while watching a Charlotte Knights game this weekend.

James David, 6, was at the Charlotte Knights game against the Durham Bulls when his family says he was hit by a foul ball.

James’ mom says she believes it happened in the fourth inning of the game. The family was sitting on the first row on the third base side, but his father had just gone up to the concession stands.

His mother says the ball came at them and they didn’t have time to react. James was hit in the head.

“The batter was up and hit the ball and it just happened so fast. The ball came straight to us,” said Kristy David.

According to his family, James suffered a skull fracture and a bad concussion. He has bleeding on both sides of his brain.

“Immediately, just the speed of the ball hitting his head, I knew it wasn’t going to be good,” recalled his mother.

Carolinas Medical Center Trauma Physician Dr. David Jacobs knows from experience the seriousness and severity of the injuries.

“If you get hit in the head with a baseball going a hundred miles an hour you can sustain skull fractures; you can sustain internal bleeding in your head that can possibly be fatal,” he said.

The kindergartner has already undergone three scans and has been in the intensive care unit of the hospital for several days. He was moved to a regular room Tuesday.

“I guess the scariest moment for me was getting to the ER and hearing the words skull fracture and bleeding,” explained James’ father, Eddie David.

So far, James has not had to undergo any surgeries.

His mom says he can’t walk without getting nauseous. Doctors are reportedly waiting for him to be able to keep down food before he can be released from the hospital.

Charlotte Knight’s general manager Scotty Brown says extra netting went up along the first and third base lines this season at BB&T Ballpark.

Brown says James and his family were sitting past the protective netting. He says team officials are available to the family for a helping hand.

“We certainly wish the best to the family […] and the recovery,” Brown said. “And we’re here to help in any way we can.”

Eddie David said his hope is that other parents are cautious when taking their children to games. He said he would also like to see stadiums implement as much protection as possible for their crowds.

“Hopefully people get to hear this story before they bring their kids to a game and if it helps another child not get as injured as ours did, that’s all we can kind of hope for.”

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