Suspension reversed for Garner teen who smelled like weed

Jakayla Johnson

GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) – The mother of a Garner Magnet High School student suspended for smelling like weed said the appeals process has reversed her daughter’s suspension.

Tameka Johnson said her daughter, Jakayla, was suspended after a school resource officer said she smelled like marijuana.

Following a four-hour meeting Wednesday, the suspension was reversed, Tameka Johnson said.

Jakayla Johnson said she was in Chinese class with about 30 other students when a school resource officer interrupted the class saying they smelled marijuana from the hall.

“I was feeling embarrassed because they called me out of everybody,” Jakayla Johnson said.

After about five minutes of searching the class, Johnson said the officer singled her out.

“They told me to spread my fingers and they smelled my fingers,” she said.

Jakayla Johnson said she was taken to the office and patted down. An officer made her remove her shoes and went through her book bag as well.

Wake County School documents obtained by CBS North Carolina states:

“It was explained to Jakayla that for her hands to smell so pungently of marijuana she would have to have possessed it in her hands at some recent point in time.”

Jakayla Johnson was suspended for five days and was also required to take drug classes or face suspension for the rest of the year.

Tameka Johnson said the day of her daughter’s suspension she took her to a medical lab to get a drug test. The results of the test came back negative for any drugs or alcohol.

Wake County schools declined to comment on this specific incident due to student privacy.

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