‘Young and the Restless’ cast has North Carolina ties

LOS ANGELES (WNCN) – The cast of “The Young and the Restless” includes two people quite familiar with North Carolina.

Actress Mara McCaffray, who grew up in Wilmington, portrays Natalie Soderberg.

McCaffray graduated from Wake Forest University in 2013 and is the daughter of UNC-Wilmington history professor Susan McCaffray.

Mara McCaffray of 'The Young and the Restless.' (WNCN)
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“It’s going well. It’s going very quickly,” Mara McCaffray told anchor Sharon Tazewell of CBS North Carolina on a visit to Hollywood. “You have to learn very quickly. So, it’s been really good because everybody has helped me, nobody is standoffish.”

McCaffray is off to a fast start in her acting career, but said she still thinks often about her home state.

“I miss North Carolina,” she said. “It’s really good to be there, especially in the springtime. That’s my favorite time to be in North Carolina.”

McCaffray plays a tech guru who was drawn to Genoa City by Kevin Fisher, who is portrayed by Greg Rikaart. Rikaart also has a North Carolina tie, as he once acted in “Dawson’s Creek,” which was filmed in Wilmington.

“I know North Carolina very well and the people of North Carolina are amongst the loveliest, warmest, nicest people I have ever met,” he said.

As for his part on “The Young and the Restless,” Rikaart said Fisher is “sort of a reformed bad guy. His troubled past is sort of lurking below the surface.”

Fisher once set a restaurant on fire and even robbed some banks.

“But he’s reformed!” Rikaart said. “He’s a good guy now.”

Rikaart said his 13 years on the show have flown by.

“It is like a blink,”Rikaart said.

CBS North Carolina anchor Sharon Tazewell visited Los Angeles in April to go behind the scenes at CBS shows. And she’ll even appear in an episode of “The Young and the Restless” on May 30.



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