Truck seized, suspect found in hit-and-run that killed young man in Moore County

WEST END, N.C. (WNCN) — The truck and a suspect have been found in a hit and run accident that killed a 23 year old West End man on Friday, according to the NC State Highway Patrol.

mcgregor photos 3

Steven Markel McGregor, was walking to his job at McDonald’s when he was hit by a vehicle and killed on North Carolina Route 211, his family told CBS North Carolina’s Lauren Haviland. The incident happened before students had arrived at the school.

The truck was found in Moore County and is being stored in Carthage, the NC Highway Patrol told WNCN.

No charges have been filed at this point and the identification the suspected driver has not been released.

McGregor’s death shocked his family.

“I feel like I just lost everything,” said Barbara Morrison, McGregor’s mother. “No words can explain it right now.”

The family said that McGregor’s shift started at 5 a.m. and that he always walked or rode his bike to work. He was saving money to buy a truck.

“His last words spoken to me were that he was trying to get a truck,” Morrison said.

Officials said McGregor was hit and thrown into a fence in front of the school. McGregor’s cousin found Steven’s body at a 6 a.m.

“To run him down like that, and then leave the scene, and leave him laying out there. You don’t know, he could’ve been saved if you would’ve stopped,” said McGregor’s father Steven McGregor.

A surveillance camera at a nearby convenience store captured what the Highway Patrol said is the suspect vehicle.

This incident remains under investigation

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