Mom of Youngsville man charged with shooting his girlfriend speaks out

Desiree Hopkins (right) and her baby Desaree in a photo from Yolanda Whaley.

YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Devon Whaley’s mother – Yolanda – spoke out for the first time Tuesday.

Desiree Hopkins (right) and her baby Desaree in a photo from Yolanda Whaley.
Desiree Hopkins (right) and her baby Desaree in a photo from Yolanda Whaley.

Her son is accused of shooting his girlfriend, Desiree Hopkins and then kidnapping their one year old daughter, Desaree last week.

The incident triggered an AMBER Alert across North Carolina.

“It hurts so bad because I don’t want anybody to lose their life for anything,” Yolanda Whaley said.

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After being shot in the leg and stomach, Hopkins got into her car and tried to escape, police said. She crashed less than a mile later. It happened Friday night at the Hampton Village Apartments.

“I am praying and worried about Desiree. My granddaughter was my biggest concern. Now that I have brought her to safety, now my next concern is Desiree,” Whaley said.

Whaley told CBS North Carolina that she knew they had a troubled relationship.

Hopkins had a domestic violence order against him — the second one in two years. Devon was released from jail in April. Despite that, Whaley said Hopkins and her son were still together, living in the same apartment.

“You all were like oil and water and you don’t need to mix. I did say that. Its just not a good situation, she’s jealous, he’s jealous. They were both jealous of each other,” Whaley said.

Whaley explained her son suffers from mental illness and that she doesn’t know if he was on his medication. She has spoken with him in jail.

“Talking to me, he said ‘Mom, I didn’t do it. It didn’t go like that. It didn’t go anything like that’,” Whaley said.

Police said Hopkin’s condition is improving.

Whaley is charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and violating a court order. He remains behind bars.

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