NC teen girl charged after classroom incident is caught on video

WNCT image

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) – A teen girl was charged after an incident in a North Carolina high school classroom last week was caught on camera.

Tiesherah Smith, 16, was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and resist and delay, or obstructing a law enforcement officer after an incident at Washington High School.

The incident happened Thursday when Smith was asked to move away from other students in the class to leave the classroom, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. Smith moved towards the door of the classroom, but dropped her bag and aggressively moved towards other students in the room, deputies said.

A school administrator blocked the girl’s path while a deputy grabbed Smith by the waist and redirected Smith back towards the door, according to the sheriff’s office.

She refused to obey those commands and tried to circle back towards the students, officials said. The deputy shoved Smith towards the door and told her to leave the classroom.

After being pushed, Smith fell to her knees — which was caught on video. Then, the deputy grabbed her and led her out of the room and she was handcuffed, while being escorted.

Smith was then placed under arrest and charged. After reviewing the video, Smith was charged with assault, deputies said.

On Monday, Smith’s parents visited the Sheriff’s Office and filed a complaint against a deputy claiming he used excessive force during the incident.

Smith’s parents, Jermaine Ebron and Tieshe Archie, showed the deputy a four-second clip of the deputy in the classroom, according to officials. Ebron made several remarks towards the sheriff’s office workers on his way out, deputies added.

The sheriff’s office then obtained a court order to get a more full version of the video — instead of the four-second clip supplied by Smith’s parents.

Showing the full video revealed how Smith was acting before her encounter with the deputy, officials said. Also, the footage showed Smith consistently screaming and assaulting the victim by bumping into a male student and eventually striking the victim, according to officials.

Smith was booked under a $1,000 bond.

The sheriff also released this statement:

“Situations similar to this have occurred in schools throughout our country at a rate that is truly unacceptable. People that choose to act in the way that Smith acted completely disrupts the educational environment that schools try to create. My deputy did not want to get involved in a situation like this but was called to assist the administrators and to protect everyone in the classroom,” said Sheriff Coleman.

“After failing to listen to teachers, administrators, and law enforcement officer’s lawful commands, then attempting to aggressively approach other students to assault them, the deputy did the right thing by intervening with physical force to stop the assaults from continuing. My deputy used the least amount of force necessary to stop the violence and reestablish order. No injuries occurred, and Smith was placed into custody.”

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