25 nabbed in major one-day prostitution sting in SC town

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office arrested 25 people as part of a prostitution sting on May 18.

sc bust

The Sheriff’s Office says each of the people charged with prostitution either agreed to a sexual act in exchange for money or attempted to pay for a sexual encounter.

In addition, several other charges were filed as part of the sting, including driving under suspension, driving with no license, open container, and several drug possession charges.

The full list of arrests and charges:

Wong E. Jackson (Prostitution), Tychad D. Wright (Prostitution, Driving Under Suspension, Possession of Marijuana), Stephen C. Williams (Prostitution), Ryan P. Stroh (Prostitution), Myron O. Moss (Possession of Methamphetamine)

Ronny D. Winkler (Prostitution, Open Container), Roderick V. Baker (Prostitution, Driving Under Suspension), Alejandro Aniceto (Prostitution, No SC Drivers License), Roberto D. Perez (Prostitution, Failure to Appear), Michael R. Oconnor III (Prostitution)

Mary L. Searcy (Possession of Drug Paraphernalia), Larry E. Cohen, Jr. (Prostitution), Kenneth E. Brock (Interfering with Law Enforcement), Joshua L. Power (Prostitution, Misc. Drug Offenses), Greg A. Manganelli (Prostitution, No SC Drivers License)

Jose L. Maldonado (Prostitution, No SC Drivers License), Jesus M. Velazquez (Prostitution, No SC Drivers License), James E. Manley (Prostitution), Hardy L. Salters (Possession of Drug Paraphernalia), Glenn D. Major (Open Container)

Enrique Carrillo (Prostitution), Dietrich L. Hogue (Prostitution, No SC Drivers License), Brandon S. Frazier (Prostitution, Possession of Marijuana), Ashley K. Jones (Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Cocaine), Alex R. White (Prostitution)

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