After theft, baseball mound is donated to NC town’s little league revival

FRANKLINTON, N.C. (WNCN) — Just as folks in Franklinton got their little league program back up and running someone stole the pitcher’s mound.

They say it cost about $1,500. But, there is a happy ending to the story.

For the last eight years, Franklinton didn’t even have a little league program. Then a few months back, Town Commissioner Brad Kearney teamed up with the police department.

“We just wanted to have something for these kids to do. They really didn’t have anything to do around here,” Kearney said.

So they put the word out and the community stepped up. Neighbors came together and they cleaned up three fields by the elementary school.

They also started raising money for equipment and in two months they say they had $10,000.

“When kids are involved and its something positive and you really want to do it, it can get done,” said parent Ty Eaton.

They got it done, but then a thief or thieves stole the pitcher’s mound. Organizers said they realized it wasn’t on the field Sunday.

“I was beyond upset. My neighbor and I were like really what kind of person would do this to our league,” said parent Linda Kozak.

But, if you know anything about the folks in Franklinton by now, it’s that they wouldn’t let this loss stop them. A good Samaritan — who didn’t want to be named — donated a new pitcher’s mound.

It was returned to its rightful place.

So what would these guys say to those who took it?

“Know that you’re taking from these kids something that we’re trying to establish in this community, to make sure that these kids have a future. Have something to do,” Kearney said.

The group also created a GoFundMe page to help cover the loss in just three days they’ve raised more than $1,200.

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