Soil erosion causes headaches for some Clayton residents

CLAYTON, N.C. (WNCN) – Residents of a Clayton neighborhood are worried their property is slowly crumbling away.

Multiple homeowners in the new development of Creekside Commons are watching their backyards shift, crack and erode.

They just want some help to make it stop.

“See the scar, all the way up?” said Joe Motta, as he pointed out a line in his yard that’s a constant reminder of all the problems he’s had with his new property.

“They had to move the fence in four feet from the property line,” he said, because the property line itself was sinking. “We don’t know what to do. That’s going to keep creeping in, creeping in, creeping in.”

Entire backyards on either side of his home are also sinking.

Motta showed us the back side of his property where bent trees and cracks in the ground show signs of a persisting problem.

“When you start seeing cracking and muddy soils, you start to get concerned about what’s going on deep down,” said Stacy Beard, spokeswoman for the Town of Clayton.

Beard said the Town is aware of the problem and is working to make sure residents get a fix soon.

“We’ve asked the developer to do some soil testing to find out what could be causing this,” said Beard.

The home builder, KB Home Raleigh, sent us this statement:

“KB Home is actively working with the developer of the community, which is responsible for the area of the property that has been impacted by potential erosion. The developer’s engineer has met with the impacted homeowners, inspected the site, and is formulating a remediation plan. We will work closely with them to ensure their proposed solution will have a positive impact to the community and be beneficial to our KB homeowners.”

ASCO Builders, the site developer, did not want to comment on the issue.

“I know that somebody’s dropping the ball because nobody’s sitting up there saying, ‘OK it’s us. We’re going to get it fixed,’” said Motta.

Not only are residents upset about their own back yards, they’re also upset about multiple unused dirt plots waiting to be developed. Residents say when it rains it wreaks havoc on their roads, covering them with mud.

“Any resident that buys a home or lives in a home is concerned about the status of their property and the stability of the land that it’s built on,” said Beard.

“What we’re worried about is not today or tomorrow. What’s going to happen later on?” said Motta.

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