ACC baseball tournament expected to have big impact on Durham

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Officials with the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau say they expect more than a $5 million total impact from this week’s ACC Baseball Championship.

Thousands of baseball fans from up and down the East Coast are in Durham this week for the tournament.

“You can’t beat it. How could you miss it?” said Tim Lyman. Lyman made the trip down from Chicago to see his son play for the Louisville Cardinals.

His other goal for the day: to make sure he got a few beers at the field. He wasn’t alone. Plenty of fans were spending money on food, drinks and souvenirs.

During the week-long championship, baseball will only take up a few hours of time throughout the day for these fans.

“We’re going to see some of the town and spend some money in Durham,” said Doug Taylor. Taylor’s son also plays for Louisville and while he and Lyman were watching the game in the stands. Some fans already beat them to the punch of seeing the town and were hitting up local restaurants.

“Any business that we’re getting as a result of the ACC tournament is more than welcome,” said Mary Morabito, the co-owner of Cuban Revolution in Durham. She says they’ve seen plenty of out of  people from out of town already stopping by for food and drinks early on in the week of games.

Morabito has owned the business in Durham for years and says events like the ACC tournament help not just restaurants, but hotels and shops in town.

“We all have to staff up, gear up, supply up, and that way we’re spending our money and the people are spending their money with us. It can’t be anything but good for the economy,” said Morabito.

Officials with the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau say they expect $3.2 million in economic impact from out of town visitors and more than $5 million total.

The championship continues on through the week until Saturday.


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