Former NC prep star athlete fighting for a chance at world boxing title

Maynard Allison

SILER CITY, N.C. (WNCN) – Maynard Allison never thought he would find himself in a gym preparing for his next fight.

“I had stopped playing football and I got bored,” Allison said. “So I was riding around and I ran into a boxing gym and I was like, let me go in here and see what it’s like.”

And from that moment on Allison was hooked. A star athlete at Jordan-Matthews High School, he grew up in the small Chatham County town of Siler City. Football and basketball were his sports.

It was a rough neighborhood but Allison kept his focus on sports and learned from his older brother what not to do.

“He kept me out of trouble and sports kept me out of trouble,” Allison said. “He’s still locked up now.”

Allison has steered clear of trouble. He and his wife are busy raising a family of four on the outskirts of his childhood hometown of Siler City. Hard work and family values were drilled into him at an early age.

“My momma, my momma she took care of all of us,” Allison said. “My daddy was there early on but then he left. My momma, she taught me how to take care of a family because she done it. She raised three of us.”

Allison’s devotion to family is unique in a sport that sometimes gets a black eye.

“He could be an inspiration for other guys who that are trying to become professional fighters,” said Allison’s trainer, Keedar Massey. “He could change the way people think about boxing.”

Allison won 44 fights as an amateur becoming a two time golden gloves champion while along the way, winning a North Carolina state title. Now he has his sights set on a world championship.

“Oh no doubt, no doubt a future world champion,” Allison said. “In the next couple of years I will be a world champion.”

15 and 0, that’s the record Team Allison feels they have to reach in order for the Siler City Assassin to get that chance. At 5-0, he’s one-third of the way home.

“I’m a patient guy,” Massey said. “I’m looking at about two years for him to be a world champion.”

And his family of five figures to be right there with him.

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