Prosecutors to seek death penalty in Franklin County triple murder

LOUISBURG, N.C. (WNCN) – The man accused of murdering two women and an 18-year-old man in Louisburg in March will face the death penalty if convicted, a judge ruled in a pretrial hearing Thursay morning.

Darius Robinson has been indicted on three counts of first-degree murder. He is accused of killing Keisha Wilder Livingston, 36, of Louisburg, Shamare Malik Harris, 18, of La Grange, and Diana Marie Edgerton, 23, of Louisburg on March 26.

Harris and Edgerton were both visiting Livingston at the time of the shooting, officials said. A fourth person survived the attack.

louisburg copy

See photos of the victims and the suspect


Family members were at Thursday’s hearing.

“It really hurts. I don’t understand it and the way it was done out today, but I just want justice done for the victims,” said Livingston’s mother, Joan Wilder.

“How could he do such a crime, and then he come in the courtroom with a smirky grin looking at the audience? Like it was his day, like it was his day view. It was terrible the way he looked out there grinning at folks. I don’t have any use for him because he done destroyed a lot of lives,” said Dinah Williams, Livingston’s aunt.

At a court hearing on April 6, family members of both the suspect and victims were in the court room, and many were in tears during the proceedings.

“I have never believed in capital punishment; we don’t give life, so we shouldn’t take it, but then how he took those three lives…I want the death penalty for him,” said Williams at the time.

Williams had said she was trying “not to hate” Robinson but said, “We’ve got to forgive him, but i just can’t right now.”

CBS North Carolina learned that Robinson is actually a cousin-in-law to Edgerton and the family believes robbery was the motive.

“They had a loss, but I got a loss inside of there too, it’s sad all the way around and we’ve been praying for their family as well as them praying for us,” said Angela Edgerton, Robinson’s mother.

The prosecutor sought the death penalty and the judge agreed to continue the case as a capital case. The judge deemed the case “exceptional” based on Robinson’s priors.

A second attorney was requested and no bond was issued for Robinson.

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