UNC Board of Governors meet, set to hold public comment session Friday

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – The UNC Board of Governors is meeting Friday in Chapel Hill and there are several things about the meeting that are a bit out of the ordinary.

One of the biggest differences from recent Board of Governors meetings is the fact that there were no demonstrations at the meeting on Friday morning.

There were preparations made in the event that demonstrators showed up – a barricade had been put up so that no one could up to the window and start chanting where the board meeting was taking place.

Also on Friday, the Board will hold a public comment session for the first time that will take place after the meeting has adjourned.

Right now, one of the hot topics is the pending North Carolina Senate bill that would lower tuition at five North Carolina colleges. Some are concerned that would tarnish the value of an education at those schools.

Fayetteville State University, Elizabeth City State University, Winston-Salem State University, Western Carolina University and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke would all see lower tuitions.

“Nobody is against the idea of lowering the overall cost of attending college. I’m not sure that a $500 tuition is exactly the way to go,” said Elizabeth City State Chancellor Thomas Conway. “We’re talking about how to make that work so the cost is lower, but we work it so the institutions are protected long term.”

A spokesman for the demonstrators said the Board of Governors holds its meetings during extremely inaccessible times for students and faculty during the summer months.

Louis Bissette, Jr., was re-elected chair of the UNC Board of Governors during the meeting and he will serve another two years as chair.

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