NC murder defendant throws file into audience, held in contempt 5 times

Nashid Porter (Source: NHCSO)

BURGAW, N.C. (WECT) – Pre-trial motions of a North Carolina murder trial ended when the defendant threw a file across the courtroom.

The pre-trial motions hearing in the murder trial of Nashid Porter began Tuesday morning in Pender County Superior Court.

Jury selection was to begin at 2 p.m., but was delayed until Porter can receive and wear the Islamic attire he requested.

The motions hearing suddenly ended when Porter chucked a file into the audience. He did it after he told the judge he “didn’t want to disrespect the court, but was going to throw the file” if it wasn’t removed from his desk by a bailiff.

Porter is charged with first-degree murder in connection to the July 2012 death of 32-year-old Brian Grant. While on pre-trial release, Porter allegedly took a prosecution witness in the Grant murder case, Obediah Hester IV, 27, of Wilmington, to an area between Wallace and Harrells and killed him execution-style.

Last week, a judge ruled Porter forfeited his right to an attorney after firing four court-appointed attorneys and disrupting court several times. He will defend himself in the trial, with the assistance of Richard McNeil, who was appointed his stand-by counsel.

The case is being tried in Pender County after the defendant requested a change of venue.

Porter sat alone at the defense table Tuesday, surrounded by several documents and legal books.

While the judge attempted to go over matters concerning jury selection, Porter interrupted him several times, and accused he and District Attorney Ben David of “running a criminal enterprise to wrongly convict him.”

He stated that this trial was “the most unconstitutional he’d ever heard of, [he] felt like he was in North Korea,” because the judge denied a motion Porter made to challenge the jury selection process.

The judge found him in contempt five times before the hearing ended.

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