Some Durham voters to be allowed to revote

North Carolina Capitol (WNCN)

The North Carolina State Board of Elections will let Durham County voters who cast provisional ballots that were not counted be allowed to revote, the board said Tuesday evening.

The decision impacts 892 Durham County voters.

The Durham County elections chair called the issue “a screw-up of major proportions.”

There were 1,039 provisional ballots counted during the March primary. On Tuesday, the state recounted 147 of them because they were the only ones that could be positively matched to a specific voter. That left 892 ballots uncounted.

The state board voted to allow those voters to recast their ballots via mail after June 7 primary.

The board heard from candidates who ran for county commissioner. The ones who lost all wanted the board to order a revote of the commissioners primary. The candidates who won pushed against that, saying it would disenfranchise the more than 80,000 voters who turned out in March because unlikely a newe election would have that level of turnout.


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