HB2: Sen. Burr says that Charlotte City Council should reach out to General Assembly

Sen. Richard Burr. (Jeff Reeves/WNCN)

RALEIGH, N.C. – United States Sen. Richard Burr (R) of North Carolina stopped by the CBS North Carolina studios Friday and weighed in on everything from Donald Trump to House Bill Two.

On Donald Trump:

The American People are pretty mad. And I think they would like to see change and that’s what Donald Trump’s entire campaign is about. He’s a successful businessman. He says some things differently than I would say them.

On House Bill Two:

The issue hadn’t been minimum wage or other things that were in HB2. But I think that the Charlotte City Council should deal with this. Only they are the ones that can reach out to the General Assembly in an honest and open way.

On the Zika virus:

We’ve got to take the appropriate steps now. That means that congress needs to appropriate, I think, $1.1 billion. We’ve done that in the Senate. We’ll try to match that up with the House.

Pregnant women should not find themselves anywhere near the potential to get Zika. We need to be careful about mosquito control, not only in the communities that we live in, but in the houses and take care of those areas of water that would be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Burr said North Carolina will play a big role in the vaccine or countermeasure for Zika which may be a year away or less.

On refugees:

In Syria, we should create a safe zone where refugees don’t have to flee a country and end up in Europe or the United States or lost in the Mediterranean. And we could do that with a global coalition, but we’ve got to have guts enough to stand up to Russia and to others who say that can’t happen.

The states are reacting to the refugee dump that are the result of a failed foreign policy. So the federal government is really responsible for taking care of putting in place the policies that would allow the refugee flight to stop.

Burr’s opponent in the upcoming elections, Democrat Deborah Ross, has been critical of what she calls his changing stance on HB2. Last week, Burr was quoted as saying that House Bill Two was far too expansive but more recent comments have been softened.

Ross’ campaign released a statement saying Burr will do anything to save his job.

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