Indiana man sentenced to 6 years in jail in accidental shooting death of 3-year-old son

Nicholas Gulling (WISH)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) – A father was sentenced to six years in jail in the accidental shooting death of his three-year-old son.

Nicholas Gulling pleaded guilty to the fatal 2013 shooting.

According to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, the child is believed to have grabbed the gun off the kitchen counter and then to have shot himself in the head.

No safety was found on the gun. Also, the Prosecutor’s Office said an additional eight other loaded guns without trigger locks were found in the home.

Gulling pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent for which he received a 20-year sentence. However, 14 years of the sentence was suspended with six years to be served in community corrections.

Upon his release, Gulling will also be on probation for 14 years.

Initially, the child’s mother, Sandra Tomich was also charged in the child’s death. Gulling’s plea also involved taking responsibility leading up to the child’s death and so the case and charges against Tomich were dismissed.

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