NC college student receives prosthetic leg from Boston Bombing survivor

NEW YORK (WECT ) — UNC Wilmington senior Savannah Booth received a technically advanced prosthetic leg through a foundation started by Boston Marathon bombing survivor Heather Abbott.


Heather is teaming with A Step Ahead Prosthetics out of Hicksville, NY, to make Savannah’s dreams of living a pain-free life come true.

According to a spokesman from the Heather Abbott Foundation, Savannah lived her entire life in considerable pain because she was wearing inadequate and poorly-fitted prosthetics.

She says her leg was amputated soon after birth because she was born without a fibula bone.Heather just began her life as an amputee when Savannah reached out to her after seeing her story on TV.

The two soon formed a close bond and friendship through their conversations over the phone.

“Even though there’s an age barrier there, we share similar lifestyles,” Savannah said. “We’re both very feminine and girly, but we’re still active.”

Which is real and which is prosthetic? (WECT photo)
Which is real and which is prosthetic? (WECT photo)

“I was lucky in a sense that the whole world knew about me because of the Boston Marathon bombing,” Heather said.

Savannah’s positive attitude and outlook inspired Heather to create the Heather Abbott Foundation to help others improve their quality of life.  The foundation provides amputees with prosthetics they cannot afford to buy themselves.

Heather said that Savannah is the fourth recipient of her foundation.

“It’s actually helped me make sense out of something senseless that happened to me so it’s a really great feeling,” Heather said.

Savannah also received two pairs of shoes donated by Nine West. She is headed back to Wilmington Tuesday evening.

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