2 Millbrook High students overcome great obstacles to graduate

Liana Mutia

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s the moment these Millbrook High School students have been waiting four years for.

But getting here, crossing that stage and accepting that diploma, meant overcoming obstacles.

For Keyanah Dobbins it came senior year.

“Recently my family, we became homeless,” Dobbins said.

But that didn’t stop Dobbins.

She said she got a full-time job and managed to get her own apartment.

Dobbins admits it wasn’t easy but counselors at Millbrook helped.

She kept her eye on the big picture.

“I only have x amount of time until I graduate. And I just kept looking at this end date like, ‘It’s almost here.’ I just had to self-motivate myself,” she said.

Then there was Liana Mutia.

A degenerative disease has claimed her eye sight over the last year.

But it hasn’t stopped her dream – she’s continued to wrestle.

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“I can’t imagine not being able to do all those things and trying to go through high school without all that,” Mutia said.

And Mutia wants to continue to fight – both on the mat and off.

“I’m planning to head down Olympic training center in Colorado and train for the 2020 Paralympics,” she said.

So what would their advice be to their younger classmates?

“Just keep going, never give up. And you know, your time will come as well. Just keep your head up,” Dobbins said.

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