Habitat homes for 2 Durham families to be completed Friday

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Habitat for Humanity of Durham, along with local home builders, have teamed up to build homes for two local families in need of affordable housing as part of the annual “Home Builders Blitz.” The homes will be completed Friday.

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The event began on June 3 and finishes up today as two immigrant families will be moving in soon.

David Adegboye, 12, has big plans for his new room. “I think right here will be the TV,” he said.

He and his 13-year-old sister Dennise, along with their mother Hannah, watched the house being built from the ground up.

“It’s pretty amazing watching your own house build in front of you,” Hannah Adegboye said. “I was very surprised that they could build a home, a very nice home, in just a week.”

David enjoyed watching it. “How it went up – pang, pang, pang,” he said. “Very quick. It was so amazing how people can just go so fast.”


Hannah Adegboye said this house means everything. “Everything. It’s safety. Means Joy. Means everything! Everything you can think of,” she said.

She moved to the United States from Nigeria 10 years ago this week.

“It is American dream and I’m realizing the dream now,” she said. “It’s coming true.”

During Habitat for Humanity’s Home Builders Blitz week, professional builders across the country will renovate or build homes for about 250 families.

Blake Strayhorn, the executive director of Durham Habitat for Humanity, says that even after four years with the nonprofit group, he’s still amazed at how people give.

“I was driving home the other night at about 11 o’clock or so thinking why do people do this?” Strayhorn said. “Why do people give back like this? And nobody questions why they do it. They just do it and everybody seems happy to be doing it. I think it’s about the kids that are going to be living in these houses.”

Home builders Durham Building Company and Garman Homes are two of the companies who have worked around-the-clock for one week to complete the two homes for the Adeboye and Ramadhan families.

Both builders’ usual contractors are assisting. They’re donating their materials and time to the Homeowners Blitz cause.

Allison King, the division vice president of Garmon Homes, says the process normally takes four to seven months.

“Everyday when I would show up, I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness,'” King said. “Even though I was here late the night before, they still stayed even later than I did and made sure they got the job done or whatever needed to be done that day.”

A dedication cookout was held Friday afternoon.


The Adegboye family hopes to officially close on the house and move in next month.



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