Retired NC judges create new Congressional maps

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Retired North Carolina judges created new, but unofficial, state Congressional maps on Friday.

This is part of an independent redistricting simulation after the state’s voting maps have led to controversy and litigation.

The group of judges have been instructed to look at population and not politics. The goal is to get roughly the same number of people in each district, which would be around 733,000.

“This is where we think we need to try to get a system that draws districts that will be more competitive and will give citizens a better voice,” Executive Director of Common Cause North Carolina Bob Phillips said Friday.

Once the map is drawn, the plan is to promote it across the state.

North Carolina drew new Congressional districts in 2010, but two of the districts were ruled unconstitutional by a federal court in February. That led to Congressional primaries being held Tuesday instead of in March.

How the districts are drawn can have a major impact on the state’s Congressional delegation. The maps drawn in 2010 helped the Republicans gain a major advantage in Congress, with 10 of 13 representatives.

The judges involved in the effort include some of the state’s best-known jurists, including Sarah Parker, I. Beverly Lake, Henry Frye, James Exum, Bob Orr, Edgar Gregory, Erwin Spainhour, John Martin and Stanford Steelman.

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