NC native, Pulse performer talks about Orlando aftermath

Chris E. Mistery at Pulse. Photo by Brian Harris.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — CBS North Carolina spoke to a North Carolina native, who now lives in Orlando and frequents the club where at least 50 people were shot and killed early Sunday.

Chris E. Mistery says he wasn’t there Saturday night, but said he’s still waiting to hear from several of his friends.

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A frequent drag queen performer at Pulse, Mistery woke up Sunday morning to the horrible news, and began frantically trying to get in touch with friends.

“I sent out hundreds of (texts) and I’ve gotten most of them back,” he said. “There’s a lot of them that I know that are not accounted for.”

Mistery said Pulse is one of the longest standing gay nightclubs in Orlando. It’s estimated more than 300 people were inside at the time of the shooting.

“There are only really two ways out of Pulse and that is a locked gate- it’s just like a little latch on it for the outside patio, and then the front door. If you happen to work there then you know there’s a back exit as well,” he described.

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But Mistery said one of his many friends at Pulse was able to find a different way out.

“I had one friend that was telling me that they had to climb through the air-ducts from the dressing room just to get out.”

While Mistery spoke to CBS North Carolina over the phone, he was at an Orlando hospital. He described it as hectic, many with trying to find those who are still unaccounted for.

“I just had a good friend of mine’s parents leave bawling and I didn’t get to speak to them, but I know what that means,” he said Sunday afternoon.

But during this tragedy, Mistery said the LBGT and Orlando community are becoming united.

“We take care of our own. We make sure everyone is OK, as much as we can. Especially, in times of need like this… we always have,” he said.

A hotline has been setup for concerned family members: 407.246.4357

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