NC man involved in 2014 murder of Hope Mills teen sentenced to 6 years

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – One of the two young men charged in the killing of Hope Mills teen Danielle Locklear in March 2014 was sentenced to a minimum of six years in prison Monday.

Judge Jim Ammons agreed with prosecutors that Dominic Lock, 20, helped his friend dispose of Loclear’s body.

That friend, Je-Michael Milloy, Loclear’s ex-boyfriend, was sentenced to 25 years for the murder in April.

Lock pleaded guilty in July of last year to being an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

Dominic Lock and Je’Michael Malloy

See more photos of Locklear and the suspects

Lock was accused of helping Malloy, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder last month. Malloy confessed to choking the 15-year-old Locklear during a fight.

Attorneys also agreed Lock had no idea Milloy was going to kill Locklear.

Prosecutors said Milloy choked Locklear to death at a creek near Hope Mills in March 2014.

Lock drove the group to the creek, but was sitting in the car at the time of the murder.

Prosecutors said Milloy and Lock tied cinder blocks to Locklear’s body and tossed it into the South River near the Cumberland and Sampson county line.

Lock will get credit for time served so he’ll have about five more years to serve.

Rowna Fowler, the victim’s mother, said, “as long as I’m breathing and my baby’s not here, it will never be enough time.”

It was an emotional day in court Monday. “I went to a funeral home and they pulled my child out of the freezer and I had to look at her in a plastic bag, because they wouldn’t even open it,” Fowler said.

Dominic Lock in court Monday (Nate Rodgers/CBS North Carolina)
Dominic Lock in court Monday (Nate Rodgers/CBS North Carolina)

Locklear’s family had made a point of being at court appearances throughout the two-year process.

Lock apologized to the family in court Monday saying that he made a mistake in helping Malloy with Locklear’s murder.

Although Lock helped in the investigation, Judge Ammons said Lock could have called for help immediately after the incident.

Judge Ammons told Lock, “I know for a fact that for 22 days, this family didn’t know where she was but you did.”

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