Chapel Hill man bitten by pet cobra appears in court

Ali Iyoob of Chapel Hill appears in court Thursday. (WNCN)

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A North Carolina man who was bitten by his pet cobra appeared in court Thursday facing multiple charges in Orange County.

Snakes found in North Carolina
PHOTOS: Snakes of North Carolina

Ali Iyoob of Chapel Hill went to UNC Hospitals to get an anti-venom after the cobra bit him May 2.

He was treated at UNC Hospitals and was in critical condition after the bite.

He later was charged with multiple charges for not housing his snakes properly. Iyoob was given a public defender on Thursday with the option to hire a private attorney. He declined to comment and is scheduled to appear in court again July 26.

The charges included:

  • Possessing two large constricting snakes that were not housed in secure enclosures
  • Possessing 18 venomous reptiles that were not properly enclosed
  • Possessing a crocodilian that was not housed properly

The documents say Iyoob had “18 poisonous reptiles and two crushing reptiles” that were in violation of Orange County codes.

The animals were not kept in “escape proof or bite proof containers, the documents say.

Authorities seized the following animals from the property:

  • A dog
  • A cat
  • Four quails
  • Five chickens
  • Four fish
  • An Eastern Painted turtle
  • A Cayman
  • Eight chicks
  • Three Native Mole King Snakes
  • A Lavender California King Snake
  • A Scarlet King Snake
  • Three Whitesided Black Rat Snakes
  • An Eastern King Snake
  • A Chocolate California King Snake
  • Four Orange Gopher Snakes
  • Two Reticulated Pythons
  • A Cottonmouth Snake
  • Two Puff Adders
  • An Egyptian Cobra
  • A Sharknose Viper
  • A Lancehead Viper
  • Two Zebra Spitting Cobra
  • A Gavan Spitting Cobra
  • A Banded Egyptian Cobra
  • An Arizona Black Rattlesnake
  • A South American Rattlesnake
  • A Whitetail Lancehead
  • A Fer De Lance
  • A Tree Viper
  • Two Monocled Cobras
  • A King Cobra
  • A Box Turtle


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