NASCAR driver Mike Wallace, daughter brutally beaten after concert

(Source: Kenny Wallace on Facebook)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – NASCAR driver Mike Wallace says he and his daughter Lindsey were attacked Friday night at PNC Music Pavilion after the Rascal Flatts concert.

UPDATE: Mistrial for men accused of brutally beating NASCAR’s Mike Wallace, daughter

Over the phone, Wallace says three men he has never met repeatedly punched and kicked him and his family. He tells WBTV he is still shaken up about this “beat-down.”

“We’ve never been through anything like this,” Wallace said.

Wallace says his three front teeth are knocked a few inches into his mouth, his black eye is causing impaired vision and his lip now has ten stitches. His daughter was taken away from the parking lot in a stretcher and moved to the hospital.

“They just knocked me out. When I come to, my daughter is laying on the ground, my son-in-law were on top of me trying to protect me. They were kicking me, beating on me.”

Graphic photos posted to social media show Mike with a bruised and bloodied face and Lindsey on a stretcher.

Kenny Wallace, Mike’s brother and NASCAR analyst, tweeted about the violent attack to update fans on his brother’s condition and to raise awareness of the assault.

“I’ve talked to Mike this morning,” Kenny tweeted. “He is down in the dumps. Beat up badly and can’t see out of one eye. I WILL MAKE SURE THIS MAKES NEWS!!!!”

Kenny says Mike and Lindsey were leaving the concert when three men started talking to Mike. They then “knocked Mike Wallace out.” While he laid on the ground unconscious, Kenny says the three proceeded to kick Mike in the face. Lindsay covered her father with her body and they reportedly started kicking her too.

Kenny Wallace says the attack was unprovoked.

“The number ONE question I get from the @NASCAR world is ‘What did Mike do?'” Kenny tweeted. “Sad part is Mike did nothing. It was a GOON attack.”

Wallace says the physical trauma is not all he and his family have had to deal with; they’re also dealing with emotional scars.

“That hurts me worse than I got myself hurt, realizing [Lindsey] was trying to help me, and a group of people attacked her.”

In a post from Mike Wallace circulating social media, he says the three men who attacked him were arrested “and out of jail before we were out of the hospital.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police confirm three men have been arrested and charged for assault at PNC Music Pavilion Friday night. Two of the men were charged with one count of simple assault each. The other man was charged with assault on a female.

WBTV can not currently release the names of the men because an arrest report has not yet become available and CMPD could not confirm that these men were connected to Wallace’s attack.

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