Protesters demand change in Harnett County law enforcement

LILLINGTON, N.C. (WNCN) – Protesters are continuing their fight against the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office.

They claim law enforcement isn’t doing its due diligence in investigating cases. They’re calling on the Harnett County Board of Commissioners to intervene.

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“My son was shot four times in the back, lying face down on his belly. And yet the DA wants to say it was self-defense,” said Anthony Griggs, Christian Griggs’ father.

That determination meant no charges against the man who shot and killed Griggs’ son in an incident back in October 2013.

“My son was in the military, he went to Iraq. He fought in a war for his constitutional right for justice,” said Dolly Griggs, Griggs’ mother.

The Griggs joined with other families and the NAACP outside the County Board of Commissioners meeting.

The NAACP says the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office and the district attorney have mishandled 28 cases. The board disputes that number; saying it’s just looking into seven cases.

The board’s chairman said they are investigating.

“But you understand that when we deal with personnel we have to do that quietly,” said Jim Burgin, chairman of the Harnett County Board of Commissioners.

The Department of Justice is already reviewing two cases in the county. The NAACP is calling on them to do a full probe of the entire Sheriff’s Office.

“The SBI, the FBI, now the Department of Justice is down here looking at things and we ask that they look at our case as well,” Anthony Griggs said.

The chairman said he hasn’t seen any evidence that shows the Sheriff or District Attorney are acting inappropriately. But he said when the review is complete the results will be released to the public.

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