Howie the rescued NC beagle gets doggie wheelchair

The Brunswick County Animal Protective Services taking Howie to classrooms to talk about being a responsible pet owner. (Source: Josie Highsmith)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Howie is a two-month-old beagle who was recently rescued by the Brunswick County Animal Protective Services. The puppy has no feeling in his back leg due to a spinal injury that left him dragging his back legs.

Josie Highsmith and her husband are fostering Howie so he can get his health and performance back up to par.

Highsmith believes Howie was injured at birth or was accidentally stepped on by the mother or another puppy in the litter.

The Highsmiths took Howie to get an evaluation by a veterinarian to see if he would be able to walk normally again. Chances are he won’t be able to walk like other dogs, but with therapy he will hopefully be able to do a spinal walk.

Until then, Howie uses his doggie wheelchair and does physical therapy five times a week at Eastern Carolina Veterinary Referral in Wilmington.

Highsmith said Howie gets land therapy in the morning’s and water therapy later on, followed by a nice nap.

She said a few people have donated to help cover some of Howie’s medical costs, including the Brunswick County Clerk of Courts office.

Stacey Pinno will meet Howie and his foster parents at Physical Therapy next week. Stay tuned for an inside look into Howie’s therapy sessions.

Until then you can track Howie’s program on his How’s Howie Facebook page.

Howie taking a nap at his foster home. (Source: Josie Highsmith)
Howie taking a nap at his foster home. (Source: Josie Highsmith)

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