SC teens wake to find burglar sneaking into bedroom

FORT MILL, S.C. (WBTV) – Two sisters called police Friday after they woke up to find a burglar in their bedroom, according to Fort Mill police.

The incident happened just after 10 a.m. on the 700 block of Sunland Drive on Friday. Police said a 13-year-old girl was sleeping with her younger sister in an upstairs bedroom when they were awakened by someone opening the door to the room.

“I’m a light sleeper and I woke up to banging on the door and I thought it was just maintenance so I ignored it” said the 13-year-old girl. She said the knocking she heard became more persistent.

“Then I heard someone just being very loud, so I texted my mom and dad and asked if they let anybody come in and they said no. I said ‘someone is in the house.’ They were like, who? I don’t know,” the teen recounted. “The person was like rummaging their [parents] room and then came in my room and saw me under my blankets and ran out the house.”

The man immediately ran out of the home after seeing the girls. The teens said the person, only described as a white male wearing a blue ball cap, got into what appeared to be a Toyota Corolla, matte or black in color, with a North Carolina license plate.

“Once I heard that door close I checked my window, got a glimpse of the car. I saw it was a male,” she said. “Once I knew he was gone – I made sure – I went through the house to see if anything, anyone was here – scared still – and I saw someone broke the glass of our backdoor and there was glass everywhere. There’s a big hole in the door and their room was just torn apart. It was crazy.”

The burglar then drove away from the area in an unknown direction. Police said they don’t believe the burglar expected to find anyone at home.

During the investigation, officers found that an adjacent apartment had also been burglarized. Both apartments, police said, had apparently been entered through the back doors after glass panels were broken out.

Maj. Bryan Zachary said it’s alarming that the suspect evidently didn’t hesitate to keep breaking in.

“I think in this case the suspect was comfortable enough in what he was going that he wasn’t concerned about the work that was going on in the outer areas of the complex. There were workers in the area doing landscaping lawn care work,” Zachary said. “There were a number of people going and coming as they often are in an apartment complex area, yet he was comfortable enough to go and not only go into one apartment, but then go into a second apartment.”

The 13-year-old’s family said the thief stole a number of items from them including Xbox controllers, two laptops, and a 10-gallon jar with money the family had been saving for vacation.

“I was more worried about my girls than anything” said the teens’ mother, who raced home from work after she received her daughter’s texts.

She said when she arrived home, “I was still nervous. Scared.”

Police are crediting the 13-year-old for staying calm and getting a description of the suspect.

Police are still investigating the incidents.

Anyone with any information should call the Fort Mill Police Department.

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