Woman gives birth to baby boy on side of Tennessee interstate

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 29-year-old woman delivered her baby boy on the side of Interstate 24 west Wednesday afternoon.

With her mom behind the wheel, Alicia McIntyre was heading from her Murfreesboro home to her doctor’s appointment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, when the baby couldn’t wait.

“I started feeling his head come out when I would have a contraction,” McIntyre said.

Her mom called 911 and the operator advised them to pull over and then coached her through the birth.

Out came a healthy 7 lb, 4 oz baby boy now named Zane McIntyre.

“As she is talking to the operator, the head continues to come out, like one more contraction then his whole body came out,” McIntyre explained.


While McIntyre said she had planned a natural birth, the front seat of her mother’s car wasn’t the place.

“That was not in the plan. I remember as they were loading me into the ambulance thinking I don’t think this is how I expected it to go, but everything turned out well,” she said.

Although the grandmother told the call operator that she didn’t want to do deliver the baby, she and her new grandson will always share a special bond.

Baby Zane arrived 12 days early.

His grandmother happened to be in town from Hungary.

Both mother and baby Zane were released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center Friday afternoon.

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