Last Air Force Reserve flight leaves Fort Bragg

Crew poses before final trip.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WNCN) – The last official flight of the Air Force Reserve 440th Airlift Wing C-130H left Fort Bragg Wednesday morning.

But the Air Force decided to deactivate that unit, which was known as the airmen who flew paratroopers to drop zones.

The flight crew said goodbye as the last C130 piloted by the 440th took off for Arizona.

As the plane taxied for the final time, the maintenance crew gave the plane a final salute as the flight crew waved an American flag from the top of the C130.

Also fire trucks sprayed an arch of water for the plane to go under.  As a final far well the C130 did what’s known as a “waggle” side-to-side maneuver in the air just above Pope air field.

The Air force has promised to stay committed to the airborne troopers of Ft Bragg and maintain their airborne readiness.  Planes will be periodically brought in from other bases to train the soldiers.

“Even though the reserves are going away,” Lt. Col John Gorse, the 440th operations group commander said, “many of the reservists will remain in the local area.”

He said they will move on to different roles or different businesses in order to stay in North Carolina.

“Most of us have homes and families, and we’re from here,” he said. “Please remember that even though we have an empty ramp, we still have airmen.”

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