Durham law enforcement team up to bust a move

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – The Durham Police Department and Sheriff’s Office are teaming up to bust a move.

It’s a project called the Running Man Challenge.

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On the top deck of Durham’s Courthouse parking lot, officers and deputies showed off their best dance moves for the camera.

It’s all part of the Running Man Challenge, a dance trend that has police departments across the country going viral.

“Many times people think that police, the only thing that they do, is police,” said Chief C.J. Davis. “Even though our work is really important work, it can be dangerous work, but sometimes the community needs to see the other side.”

Davis says she hopes people see the efforts her department is extending to connect with the community and young people.
That connection was made for some young dancers, who say they see officers differently now.

“They’re also fun and cool and can also play games too, and not always be serious,” said Braiden Stines, one of the dancers.

“I know that they like to have fun and they don’t always have to be on the streets catching bad guys,” said Chandler Rose, another dancer in the video.

The message that officers don’t always have to be on the streets catching bad guys is conveyed in the video when officers drop their handcuffs.
Sheriff Michael Andrews will take part in the project , but he’s not dancing.

“I’ve heard of the Running Man Challenge, but I’m not a running man,” Andrews said.

He says his deputies want to show the community they’re just like everyone else.

“What we do during the day when we’re wearing the uniform is our job,” said Andrews. “We do have a life. We love to cut up and laugh just like anybody else.”

All the equipment and people working behind the scenes are from donations and volunteers.

The footage will be edited and put into a final video that’s scheduled to come out next week.

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