Massive trees come down on houses, cars, cemetery in Durham following storms

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Several Durham residents are spending their Thursday cleaning up the damage left behind Wednesday’s storms.

Trees came down on top of cars and houses in Durham (Lauren Haviland/CBS North Carolina)

Heavy rains, hail and high winds battered the Triangle on Wednesday evening.

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A series of storms moved from the west, where they caused trouble in the Greensboro region, and then hit the Triangle.

A 55 mph gust of wind was reported just before 8 p.m. at RDU and hail was seen in Durham County and several other areas.

A peaceful cemetery was disturbed when several trees came down on top of headstones after Wednesday’s storms. Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Durham had several trees come down and damage headstones. The manager of the cemetery told CBS North Carolina that no graves were disturbed by the fallen trees.

On East Main Street in Durham, a massive tree fell on top of car and part of the roof at a home nearby.

The homeowner told CBS North Carolina that they hard a loud “boom” and when they looked outside they saw the tree. The tree crushed their friend’s car and damaged some of their home. Luckily, everyone was OK.

Homeowners said they’re not sure how long cleanup is going to take, but they plan to have someone come out and look at how stable the other trees in their yards are.

Minutes away on Owens Street, another tree fell and damaged two homes. Neighbors said heavy rains, hail and strong winds came through the area and left damage in its wake.

Homeowner Carol Harris wasn’t home at the time the tree came down, but said she was worried while driving home.

“I was very panicky coming home. I did not have [any] idea that it was going to be like this. The tree has fallen, we’ve got damage to the roof, we’ve got some limbs in the bedroom – in the ceiling,” she said.


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