Many anticipate fireworks after July 4th Durham Bulls game

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Thousands of people are celebrating the Fourth of July at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Monday night.

Behind the scenes, staff will be working to make sure everyone is safe. More than 11,000 people will be at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and safety is a top priority for organizers.

“We have a close relationship with our fire marshal’s office in the city of Durham, and they kind of run the fireworks on behalf of us,” said Scott Strickland, the stadium’s operations director.

A crew of about 20 people behind the scenes will be making sure things go smoothly, even through bad weather.

“They make sure we’re keeping areas of the stadium clear, that need to be clear,” said Strickland. “We generally know our wind patterns here pretty well so we know where the firework debris is going to go.”

It’s a sold out show Tuesday night.

Michael Cole of Durham bought his tickets months ago.

“I think it was almost sold out then, so I think this is a hot ticket today,” Cole said.

Cole and his family are looking forward to having a good time, rain or shine.

“I’m expecting it to be pretty impressive after last time we came, they were pretty big so I’m expecting a bigger show this time,” he said.

Heavy wind is the only weather concern for staff tonight.

Crews will be in place, in the event of an emergency.

“If the wind were to shift, our fire marshals will let us know, hey, we need to clear out this particular section,” said Strickland. “They also have fire department members that are spread out around the field to react to anything that does pop up.”

The show start right after the baseball game and will last about 14 minutes.

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