All clear issued after Dallas HQ blocked, SWAT deployed based on a threat

DALLAS, Texas (WNCN) — Media in Dallas reported Saturday afternoon that a large police presence gathered outside Dallas Police Headquarters after a threat that was “taken seriously” by police.

At one point, at least two Dallas Police Department buildings were blocked off, with numerous police vehicles, an armored vehicle and armed officers outside.  Earlier reports that the headquarters was on “lockdown” were refuted by police.

Dallas police officials issued an all-clear after searching for a suspicious person in a parking garage next to the department’s headquarters.

The department said on Twitter that it searched the garage with officers and dogs to ensure a report of a suspicious person was thoroughly investigated.

Officers in helmets carrying rifles were outside the buildings earlier Saturday evening. Police also were standing outside a building behind police headquarters.

SWAT set off a device to enter a locked fence and police said a shotgun was used to “breach” a locked door in a parking garage near the headquarters.

WFAA reported that the deployment of SWAT and extra police on Saturday happened just after 4 p.m. after a threat made by a Houston-based group, which claimed to be armed.

Around 5:45 p.m. Dallas time, officers with their guns drawn were seen running outside police headquarters, according to CBS DFW.  This happened about 20 minutes after one person from the Houston group was spotted in Dallas, CBS reported.

Just after 6 p.m. in Dallas, police shut down a street in front of the department’s headquarters and there was a heightened police presence near the building.

Around 6:30 p.m., police requested that media outlets “stop all live feeds of DPD headquarters and the parking garage right now for the safety of our officers.”

SWAT was deployed to the headquarters area earlier in the afternoon once police learned of the threat in which the group from Houston was driving to Dallas to “cause harm,” KHOU-TV in Houston reported.

CBS Local in Dallas reported that police were concerned about threats of “a group coming from Houston with the intent to kill officers.”

A Dallas police spokeswoman told the Associated Press that the department received an anonymous threat against law enforcement across the city and tightened security on Saturday.

At one point during the afternoon, media outlets were told to move to the front of headquarters, in east of downtown Dallas.

Dallas Police Department spokeswoman Sr. Cpl. Monica Cordova called the measures precautionary.

An armored vehicle was moved to near the department’s downtown headquarters late Saturday afternoon.

Other departments around the country have been receiving threats. They follow videos involving police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Mississippi, and the killing of five police officers by a sniper during an ambush in Dallas.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report

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