Amazon’s Prime Day Tuesday has some competition

(Photo: Shutterstock)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (WTNH) – Tomorrow is Amazon’s Prime Day which may have you tempted to do a little online shopping but Amazon has some competition! We are helping you stretch your dollar with what deals to be on the lookout for that could save you a lot of money.

It’s shaping up to look a lot like Black Friday, only it’s on a Tuesday in July. Amazon will be offering more than a hundred thousand special deals for the second annual “Prime Day.”

While Amazon has been tight-lipped about what deals they’ll have, experts say you should look for back-to-school deals. I saw on there today laptops already being marked down. There are also deals on dinnerware sets and kitchen appliances.

Experts think you’ll find deals on things like video games, go-pro bundles, Fitbits and TVs but if you’re not a Prime member, you could still cash in on the event elsewhere.

Stores like Target, the Limited and Old Navy, just to name a few, are also offering great deals to compete. You’ll see 50–60 percent off deals on some of these sites. So, if there’s anything you need to get, Tuesday may be the day to do it to stretch your dollar the furthest.

A warning for the wise! If you will be taking part in Prime Day deals, I suggest you browse early. Last year the hashtag #PrimeDayFail started trending after they ran out of inventory on some of their better deals.

Amazon says they’ve stocked up and inventory won’t be a problem but if there’s anything you really want, play it safe and look early. New deals will be rolling out throughout the day, sometimes as often as every five minutes.

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