NC girl helps raise money to give people a merrier Christmas

Brianna Bines works hard to make sure people get gifts at Christmas. (Source: WECT)

SOUTHPORT, N.C. (WECT) – Brianna Bines, an 11-year-old heading to sixth grade in the fall, works at the Sale at the Trail in Southport on the second Saturday of every month.

She is in charge of making deals with the customers and keeping track of the money. She showed off some of her favorite items while she explained most of her friends were probably swimming by the pool.

“They kind of believe that I can do it by myself,” Bines said.

Bines’ mom and grandma both work at the Ocean Trail Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.

She has become friends with many of the residents and enjoys helping out when she can.

“It kind of makes me feel good to do this. Some of the residents can’t do this by themselves, they kind of need help,” Bines explained. “I really don’t have anything to do, so why not come help out.”

Some of the proceeds raised from the sale go toward buying Christmas presents for the residents of the center.

“It kind of makes me feel good because I get stuff for Christmas and so should they,” Bines said with a smile.

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