Rotting dog, starving puppies found in SC home, police say

Alexus Desiree Hunter (Source: WSPA)

PACOLET, S.C. (WSPA) – Pacolet Police say they found a rotting pit bull corpse that had given birth to puppies in a woman’s home.

They think the dog had been there for at least a week due to the decomposition.

They went to a home on Bryant Street after they got an anonymous animal welfare call.

An officer talked to the tenant, Alexus Desiree Hunter, 22, outside the home and told her why they were there.

They asked her what the smell was coming from the home and she told them there was a dead dog in there.

They went inside and found five pit bull puppies that were “skin and bones.”

They also found a dead female pit bull in the kitchen floor that had been there a week with maggots on it.

They say more than 20 piles of dog feces were on the floor throughout the home.

They also didn’t see any food or water in the home, according to the report.

Animal control was called to take the dogs.

Hunter was asked how the dogs got in such a conditions and she said she came by to check on them every other day and fed them, but could not give a reason for the dead dog.

Police say Hunter had an active warrant on her from the sheriff’s office.

She was placed under arrest for animal cruelty, according to the report.

She has been released on bond.

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