SC megachurch founder ‘removed’ after alcohol issues, other behavior

Perry Noble (File photo)

ANDERSON, S.C.  — As of July 1, the board of directors and pastor advisory team removed Perry Noble as the senior pastor of NewSpring church.

“Perry has made some unfortunate choices and decisions that have caused us much concern. Over the course of several months, our executive pastors have met with and discussed at length with Perry — concerns regarding his personal behavior and spiritual walk,” said Executive Pastor Shane Duffey at the start of Sunday’s service.

Duffey went on to say, “Perry’s posture towards his marriage increased reliance on alcohol and other behaviors.”

Officials said Perry chose not to address ongoing issues.

In a statement, Perry said, “I wish this were a joke or part of a sermon or illustration. However, it’s true.”

“I’ve never had a problem drinking alcohol socially but in the past year or so I’ve allowed myself to slide into, in my opinion, the overuse of alcohol,” Perry said.

Perry’s statement went on to say that he never committed a sexual sin, stole money, watched porn, or resorted to physical abuse.

He ended his written statement by asking for forgiveness and issuing an apology.

NewSpring church has 17 campuses across South Carolina.

Read the full statement from NewSpring church here.

Read the full statement from Perry Nobel here.

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