‘Finding Dory’ swims beyond expectations, still going strong

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) —The fish that can’t remember is off on an unforgettable journey. In “Finding Dory” the lovable, forgetful blue tang, voiced again by Ellen Degeneres, is out to find her family. With help from Nemo and his dad, she crosses the pacific to California to an aquarium … where she was born.

Once inside, she leans on the injured animals for help. Among them, a cranky, coffee swilling, ocean fearing, seven tentacled Septopus voiced by Ed O’neill and a beluga whale, voiced by Ty Burrell, who is suffering from a concussion.

“Finding Dory” is proof positive that sequels can work when filmmakers and screenwriters put a lot of thought into creating something new and unique that pays tribute to the original. It lives up to the high standards of “Finding Nemo” and even surpasses that film in some of the emotional moments. Dory’s tale is more tragic than Nemo’s, giving this film more of a serious tone.

The film nets plenty of laugh-out-loud moments thanks to the literally and figuratively colorful characters. Those scenes mesh nicely with the heavier, but never heavy-handed moments.

The animation is spectacular and breathtaking, and so photo realistic, at times, you’ll be absolutely mesmerized. “Finding Dory” keeps the series swimming indeed. It earns an A.

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