NC car dealership recovers after 13 car thefts

GRIFTON, N.C. (WNCT) – There were 13 cars stolen on two different nights this spring in Grifton.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s office says the cars were stolen from Reaves Auto Sales off-site car lot. The company says seven cars were taken May 9, and another six on June 4.

Charles Reaves has put in 12 years of hard work at his family car sales business. When he got wind that someone stole from him, there was only one emotion.

“Well I was mad,” expressed Reaves.

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Four teenagers now face charges for stealing 13 cars off one of his lots.

“One of them lived right down the street, less than a quarter of a mile,” said Reaves.

Pitt County deputies have followed leads ever since the first group of cars was stolen.

“As with any case this big, with this many vehicles that were taken, the case is ongoing as far as the investigation,” said Christy Wallace, Pitt County Sheriff’s Office PIO.

Since the second theft, Reaves has his employees keeping a closer eye on his inventory.

“We just making sure that everything is you know secure at night and then we can check the cameras and stuff with the phones,” he said.

Reaves said many of the cars were too damaged to sell. He estimates his loss at about $30,000.

As for the teens accused of the crime, Reaves has a thought about their punishment.

“They would be made to come back and apologize and they would be made to pay for everything they damage and tore up because that is a part of life knowing the repercussion of everything,” he said.

Daquan Roberson and Raekwon Arrington are two of the four arrested for the crime.

They both have court dates set for July 27.



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