NC family speaks out after arrest in hit-and-run that killed their son

WEST END, N.C. (WNCN) — Nearly two months after a deadly hit-and-run in Moore County, investigators have made an arrest.

mcgregor photos 3

CBS North Carolina has spoken to Steven Markel McGregor’s family several times.  They said on Saturday it’s been a tough journey since his death, but they’re hoping this arrest can help them heal.

Family and friends of Markel, 23, visit his memorial nearly every day.

His father, Robert Allred, said, “just to see this sitting here.  It’s really hard, it brings back a lot.”

On May 20, investigators said Markel was walking to his job at McDonald’s when he was hit by a vehicle and killed on North Carolina Route 211.

Minutes after the incident, police said video and still pictures from a nearby convenience store captured the driver pulling in.

But days turned into months, and Markel’s family began to wonder if they would ever get justice.

“You get by yourself, you begin to think, what could’ve been, what should’ve been. It wears on you.  It wears on you a lot. So we’ve been consoling one another,” Allred said.

Investigators seized the driver’s truck and it helped them narrow in on their suspect, Jacob Lewis Green.

The 20-year-old was arrested Friday and charged with felony hit-and-run resulting in serious injury or death.

“After the arrest, it brought some comfort knowing that somebody has to pay the cost one way or the other,” Allred told CBS North Carolina.  “His family is going to lose, our family already lost, and he’s going to lose, so there’s no winners here.”

Despite the loss, Markel’s family said they’re not mad at Green.

“We are disappointed in the fact that we won’t see Markel again. We hope that you can some peace in the thing that you’ve done… and we’re going to find some peace,” Allred said.

The current memorial of flowers and statues in front of West End Elementary will soon have to be moved. The family said the have plans to plaque in its place.

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