Mothers of the Movement group speaks at DNC

PHILADELPHIA (WNCN) — The mother of Sandra Bland spoke Tuesday night about the pain of losing her daughter.

CBS North Carolina's Beau Minnick will be at the convention the entire week. Look for his reports on TV and on
CBS North Carolina’s Beau Minnick will be at the convention the entire week. Look for his reports on CBS North Carolina and on

“So many of our children are gone but they are not forgotten,” said Geneva Reed-Veal, who was Sandra Bland’s mother, at the Democratic National Convention.

So, too, did the mom of Jordan Davis.

“We’re going to keep building a future where police officers and communities of color work together, in mutual respect, to keep children like Jordan safe,” said Lucia Mcbath, Jordan Davis’ mother.

The women are part of the group who is being called Mothers of the Movement….the moms of people, many of whom died in police-related incidents.

“It helps put a face to the issue.  In the abstract, it’s much more emotional when you see a mother whose son was killed by gun violence.  There’s a need to stop that,” said Pricey Harrison, a state representative and a delegate from Greensboro.

There also was a law enforcement presence on stage as delegates heard from Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay.

“The assassination of eight different police officers in ten days have left many of us in the law enforcement community feeling under siege.  Both of these concerns are very, very real,” said Cameron McLay, the Pittsburgh Police Chief.

Police-community relations are tense in many parts of the country and North Carolina’s delegates say the DNC is a great place to have this conversation…and it needs to continue.

“We really need to recalibrate our relationship with communities of color and law enforcement because law enforcement should be seen as equal partners and champions of public safety,” said Rodney Moore / Charlotte delegate and a state representative.

“Blue lives matter.  Black lives matter, as well as all lives matter.  It’s important that we don’t pit those two things against each other,” said Jessica Holmes, a Wake County delegate and Wake County Commissioner.

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