Democrats cheered NC losing money leaked emails show, NC GOP says

Dallas Woodhouse.

PHILADELPHIA – The leaked email scandal that showed the Democratic National Committee was looking for ways to undercut Bernie Sanders’ campaign has made its way into North Carolina politics.

While, nationally, emails questioning Sanders’ religious beliefs may be getting a lot of attention, in North Carolina, the state Republican Party says some of the 19,000 hacked emails relate to N.C.’s House Bill Two.

At a news conference late Tuesday afternoon, the NC GOP expressed outrage, indicating that emails reveal state Democrats cheering as the state lost money.

“We stand with the safety of young girls in locker rooms,” said Dallas Woodhouse, the state Republican executive director. “With that said, they made sure that no changes could be made. They got the political outcome they wanted.”

Democrats said it’s all a distraction from the real issue – and that’s the need for a full repeal of House Bill Two, which directs those born as males to use the men’s restroom and those born as females to use the women’s restroom.

To research the leaked emails, please click here.

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