Raleigh entrepreneur slams House Bill 2 at Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA (WNCN)  – Jesse Lipson, a Duke University graduate who is now a corporate vice president at Citrix, spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Monday night.

Lipson began by questioning the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

“So I don’t know about you, but Donald Trump’s acceptance speech left me with a lot of questions,” Lipson said. “Where is this losing country he keeps talking about?”

Lipson continued with his own story of success in North Carolina. “The America I live in, the North Carolina I live in, is a creative engine where the innovative spirit is alive and well… where nearly all net new jobs are created by startups… where you can still make something from nothing like I did.”

According to his online bio, Lipson now oversees ShareFile, Citrix’s document workflow technology and Citrix Cloud. He joined Citrix in 2011 when the company acquired ShareFile, where he was CEO.

“I taught myself to build software on nights and weekends,” Lipson said. “When I was 26 I started my company with a hundred dollars in advertising. Today we’re in more than 100 countries and created 800 jobs in Raleigh.”

Lipson spoke out against House Bill 2, directing his comments to Donald Trump.

“Donald, I’m also a businessman. You build skyscrapers. I build in the cloud. But it’s clear you don’t understand something simple about business. Nothing scares away investment like hate,” Lipson said. “Disgusting laws like North Carolina’s attack on LGBT Americans are costing my state hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s cost us the NBA all-star game and it’s also costing us talented programmers who are ready to build the future.”

“I’ve seen venture capitalists who refuse to invest in our state.  Republicans may think they’re telling people which bathroom to go into, but they’re actually telling people which market to stay out of.”

Lipson continued. “When I travel abroad, I hear people talk about legalized discrimination in America. Bigotry doesn’t just hurt my state but entire country.”



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