Raleigh picked to ‘promote UK business and economic ties’

Raleigh skyline
Raleigh, NC (Jeff Reeves/CBS North Carolina)

LONDON (WNCN) – The British government will open three new offices in the United States, including one in Raleigh, to promote business and economic ties, the Department of International Trade said on Tuesday.

Following its vote to leave the European Union, the department said the cities of Minneapolis, Raleigh and San Diego were chosen because of their economic productivity in addition to having research and development institutions.

“Our ambitious vision for an open and outward-looking UK economy includes growing our footprint in the most important markets around the world and these three cities offer exciting opportunities to boost trade and investment,” International Trade Secretary Liam Fox will tell a business audience in Chicago, according to extracts released by his office.

The new offices in the U.S. would be staffed by one person recruited from the United States. This person would work to promote UK business, economic and political ties, the British government said.

Denver and Seattle have a similar model already set up. The cities are two of Britain’s 11 existing offices in the United States.

Over the past year, the government said the Seattle office supported about 8 million pounds in capital investment and 1,000 UK jobs.

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