Rattlesnake bite costs NC toddler partial feeling in leg

NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – A New Bern toddler will permanently lose 20-percent feeling in her leg after being bitten by a timber rattlesnake.

See more photos of Riley and the rattlesnake

And that’s just what one New Bern dad found out.

He went into a tailspin when he heard his 2-year old-girl screaming after being bit.

“No parent should have to go through that feel that feeling,” said Riley’s father.

It was supposed to be a normal family fun filled day.

“They want to play out in the yard which we’ve done a thousand times the kids always seem to like to walk the perimeter of the property by the fence,” said Mike Stone.

Stone was watching his daughters, nieces, and nephews when he heard his youngest daughter, Riley, scream like never before.

“I could just see blood running from her knees to her ankle I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. There was just blood everywhere,” explained Stone.

A family member who works at the local hospital decapitated the snake and called ahead to help identify the best treatment.

“She lost all consciousness in the car she wasn’t breathing wasn’t responding I mean she was just out cold,” said Stone.

After initial treatment at Carolina East, Riley was flown to Vidant Medical Center.

“There was an entire team and everything worked like a well-oiled machine from the start to the finish. From the parents reaction to all the way to the discharge planning, I mean it was done perfectly,” said Dr. Sean Bush.

Riley is finally getting back to her old self, but will permanently lose 20-percent feeling in her leg.

The ordeal has the family making some changes.

“I wouldn’t mind getting out there you know just to double check everything maybe eliminating some wood piles in the area and just try to take the necessary precautions,” said Stone. “I joke that for Christmas everybody is getting snake boots.”

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