BB’s removed from kitten’s eye, lung in SC, deputies investigating

BB's removed from kitten's eye, lung in South Carolina. (Source: Kyle Connolly, WBTV)

YORK, S.C. (WBTV) – Deputies in York County are investigating a case after a woman reported a young man shooting a kitten with a BB gun.

The incident happened on July 16, on the 200 block of Plaxco Road in York. A 58-year-old woman, who said her grandson was caring for the stray kitten after it was born under their porch, told deputies a teenager was shooting at the kitten while it was in her yard.

Vera Wilson said her grandson witnessed the shooting.

BB's removed from kitten's eye, lung in South Carolina. (Source: Kyle Connolly, WBTV)
BB’s removed from kitten’s eye, lung in South Carolina. (Source: Kyle Connolly, WBTV)

“He said the boy called the cat out from under the porch like he was going to feed him and said when the cat came out he had a hand BB gun and he shot at the cat and hit him in the eye.”

Wilson said the teenager shot the kitten multiple times.

The family called police, filed a report and brought the kitten into their home. But, the kitten they named,Tiger, didn’t seem to have much life left.

“Green stuff coming out of the side of his mouth, just laying around  – weak” Wilson said. “I thought it was so bad somebody would do a little kitten that’s only eight weeks old – like that – shoot it.”

Wilson said they took Tiger to the veterinarian.

“So we did xrays – not only did the eye get traumatized but we have a bullet in our chest and 2 bullets – BB pellets- in our abdomen as well” said Dr. Ashley Isbell Goforth.

And Dr Katharine Foulke added “we were very concerned at the time since there were a couple in his abdomen and one went from the top of the back all the way done into the bottom of his chest. We were worried it would potentially rupture his gut.”

While Tiger continues to recover, doctors said they’re concerned about the kitten’s eye.

Dr. Goforth said “a lot of the blood vessels ruptured, but we have an ulcer so a big hole kinda in the eye and if this gets any deeper the eye could rupture.”

Doctors said on Friday they “plan to repair the eye and making a little cover from using parts of the eyelid pretty much to cover the eye so that it will make a patch over that and allow it to heal cause we don’t want to remove the eye. We’re going to try to save the eye at all cost.”

Deputies are investigating the case, but had not pressed any charges as of Thursday evening.

Since no charges have been filed, WBTV is not releasing the name of the man accused.

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