Raleigh caretakers charged with attempted murder of disabled girl seen punching, kicking her

Shatuana Nicole McGee and Verrone Nicosia O’Neal

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The biological children of two Raleigh caretakers charged with attempted murder of a teenager said their parents punched and kicked a 15-year-old child in their house on numerous occasions, warrants show.

The 15-year-old child sustained serious injuries after being assaulted by care providers, warrants show, and WakeMed doctors said they had confirmed the injuries were not self-inflicted.

Officers with the Raleigh Police Department responded to WakeMed on June 10 to investigate a reported aggravated assault.

The autistic and mute victim was reported to have injuries including fluid in her lungs, two fractures to her lower vertebrae and internal bleeding that caused her stomach to swell, according to warrants.

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Shatauna Nicole McGee, 43, and Verrone Nicosia O’ Neal, 37, both of Raleigh, are each charged with a felony count of child abuse, inflicting serious bodily injury and felony attempted murder.

They were providing temporary relief care for the victim at their home on Dove Tree Lane, warrants show.

O’Neal and McGee’s biological children were interviewed on July 19 in the form of a child medical evaluation through the SAFEchild Advocacy Center in Raleigh.

Both children witnessed their parents physically punch and kick the victim on multiple occasions throughout the time the victim was in their care, according to warrants.

Officials said the injuries occurred between April 13 and June 10.

The children witnessed the victim bleeding on the carpet in her room after being assaulted and disclosed how a carpet cleaner was returned after their parents cleaned up the blood.

McGee’s mother, Lydia Harris, was also interviewed. She advised there are cameras inside of the residence.

After visiting her daughter and O’Neal from July 4 to July 8 at their residence, Harris said she heard O’Neal say he needed to delete some video footage from the computer.

A search warrant was issued in order for authorities to seize items that may contain evidence of the crime, as well as carpet that may contain biological evidence in the residence.

According to warrants, McGee was at one point a care provider for children with special needs, but is no longer listed as a North Carolina Medication Aide on the North Carolina Medication Aide Registry. Initially, her test date was on October 25, 2008. On May 31, 2013, the registration date expired.

O’Neal has a criminal record. Documents obtained by CBS North Carolina show O’Neal was arrested for false imprisonment in 2014 as well as assault on a female in 2008 and 2009.

McGee and O’Neal were placed in the Wake County Detention Center and each received a $1.5 million secured bond.

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