NC delegates want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House

PHILADELPHIA (WNCN) – North Carolina delegates say they are excited about Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination, but would ultimately like to see her in the White House.

Hillary Clinton made history as she officially accepted her party’s nomination and delivered a speech Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention. She became the first woman to be a presidential nominee of a major political party.

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The Democratic Convention is now over, but right after Hillary Clinton finished her speech, CBS North Carolina talked with North Carolina’s delegation and they say their work is far from over.

Durham delegate E. Lavonia Allison said, “America is getting ready to turn the page and do some things.”

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Even after the address was done, the excitement remained in the room.

“I believe that after all is said and done, she will become our next president,” Clinton delegate Nervahna Crew said.

Actress Cicely Tyson was a part of the excitement at the convention.

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“I think we are all so fortunate to be here at a time when history has been made twice,” Tyson said.

North Carolina’s delegation says, while it is historic to be the first woman to be nominated for president by a major party, they ultimately want to see her in the White House. They say they know there’s still plenty of time before the election.

The delegates say they will return to North Carolina with a drive to win as many races as possible for the Democratic candidates in the state.

“It’s time for all of us who were here as pledged delegates to Hillary Clinton to get out there and hit the campaign trails,” Crew said.

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