Wake Forest man creates ‘move over’ tags to raise awareness for emergency, road crews

The plates are meant to raise awareness for emergency crews and tow truck drivers on the side of the road (Justin Quesinberry/CBS North Carolina)

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) – A Wake Forest man is urging people to move over and slow down when they see tow trucks and emergency crews on the side of the road.

North Carolina enacted the “move over” law in 2002, which requires drivers to move over and reduce speed, if possible, when certain types of vehicles are on the side of the road.

Violators could face court and a $250 fine.

Christopher Williams is a sales and customer relations with Vink Signs and Designs. He works with people in the towing industry and said he hears about the dangers roadside crews face, but said he saw little education for drivers, so he had the idea to create plates to go on cars.

He’s designed graphics for years, but became blind about five years ago, so this summer he turned to his boss at Vink Signs and Designs for help carrying his idea through.

Now, they’ve created more than a half a dozen designs to spread the word.

“Because people aren’t aware. You know, you see the people out there every day, but you don’t know what damages they go through every time we need help, you just expect them to be there,” said Williams.

His designs have gone as far as Michigan and he received a special request there for a banner for use in parades.

Williams said the tag’s price covers printing costs and he hopes to find a foundation that helps people hurt in the towing and recovery industry to donate some profits to.

Click here for more information.

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